​My copyediting services can be tailored to your needs, but usually include

  • editing at the sentence level for clarity, conciseness, spelling, grammar, syntax, hyphenation, punctuation, and word and number usage;
  • suggestions to correct ​repetition, clichés, and biased or noninclusive language; and
  • formatting citations, reference lists, notes, tables, ​images, and page layout.

I can also include checking of facts and calculations. 

My fees for copyediting range from $3.50 per page (at 250 words per page) for light editing to $6.50 per page for heavy (substantive) editing and include

  • thorough review of each page (at least two passes);
  • editing either on paper; in Word using Track Changes; or on a PDF using Adobe Reader comment, drawing, ​and stamp tools;
  • queries to the author; and 
  • a style sheet (noting the dictionaries and style manuals I’ve referred to and any style choices I’ve made). Style sheets for fiction include notes on setting, characters, and plot.

For projects of 50 to 99 double-spaced pages, I offer an email or letter with additional comments, questions, and suggestions. For projects of 100 pages or more, I also offer a half-hour phone consultation.

Additional rounds of copyediting:
If an author or another editor introduces edits or additions after I complete a first round of copyediting, my review of all changes will be billed at a rate of $30 to $40 per hour, depending on the level of editing requested, and includes updating the style sheet. I can provide an estimate of the fee to review your edits or additions once you send me your revised document.

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